Testing & Training
testtraimgTo continue growing as a leader in the competitive market, it is essential to team up skilled and talented workers to work in accordance with the mandate. Our Professional Employment Service (PES) assesses and analyzes each and every candidate before the final employment. These tests are specifically designed to ensure the candidature, his skills and abilities and to remove any misleads. We have a series of tests and analytical assays that examines the candidates at a more radical and logical level. More than often these tests prove to be elemental in deciding the best fit for the required position.

The importance of the continued lead and the innovation in any organization is more than important and we, at Artifint, are ardent to that. Our service makes sure to address all the needs and essentials of the client before everything else. Thus considering that in mind, we have the following modes that test each candidate before the final selection;To start with, we make sure the employees completed the below mentioned tests and analysis convincingly. These tests include:

  • Entry level MS Office skills
  • Basic Math
  • Computer skills
  • Typographical abilities
  • Spelling and pronunciation
  • Basic grammar
  • Inter-personal skills

Once the initial testing is satisfactorily completed, the candidates are tested on a basic level which includes:

  • Sales and Management
  • Customer support
  • Information technology aspects
  • Resource management
  • Accounting
  • Legal issues

We are focused on a radical approach of testing and training staff to overcome the possibility of failure and enhance the efficiency of operation through effective team management and training.Some of most admired implementations to meet the standards are listed below:
Employee Guidance and Drill
To make sure the employee is best suited asset to the team, it is imperative for him to be worthy of the position. His strategy and productivity is what matters to any organization. Thus by consulting our service, you’d be ensured the addition in your team is the best fit as we makes use of certain tested and specific training procedures to get the maximum output right from the scratch.These testing procedures include:

  • Inter-personal skills
  • Basic grammatical skills
  • Policy regulation
  • Time management

Performance Evaluation and Screening Feedback
Prior to any recommendation for recruitment, we ensure our prospective candidates also, and perhaps most critically, should be able to justify the position with skills and the required knowledge. This will enable organizations to recruit candidates, having the very best grounding performance score, while during testing.

Candidate Demeanor and Social Grace
Our Professional Employment Service not only ensure a right fit for the particular task but also get hold of those who are likely to be involved more in the company’s output and productivity. These candidates are tested on various ethical grounds to justify their integrity towards the social aspect of the associated corporation. This testing serves to assess the candidate’s violence, dishonest, unreliable and fraudulent tendencies.With PES, we help our customers to implement and execute their operations effectively and manage their critical testing procedure to reduce effort and the associated cost.We, at Artifint, have broadened our horizons to expand our services to verticals like banking, embedded systems, financial solutions, telecom services and healthcare industry. Allow us to fetch and train some of the most comprehensive fresh minds to enhance the productivity and efficacy of your organization.

Artifint Advantage
Artifint is one of the pioneers in the process of training and performance evaluation. We proudly boast our training solutions, integrated with the simultaneous evaluation systems so as to give our clients a complete assessment of the service thus executed.

We operate by the following modes.
Training Programs

  • Screening and evaluation for proper identification of the spots for improvements
  • Assistance and training with aptitude and technical skill enhancement, analytical assays and guidance
  • Corporate-specific orientation programs

Testing Procedures
We provide flexible testing procedures to suit every local and professional need. Depending upon the accessibility and the freedom of usage, we provide:

  • Online testing/e-Learning procedures
  • Manual testing and training
  • Mobile training programs and materials

Testing Consultation
Upon the successful completion of the training procedures, we tend to evaluate the performance based on the extent of grasp and implementation.Not necessarily, we sometimes recruit experts to evaluate and assess the procedures in the interim.

  • Physical evaluation based on skills, analytical and prospective tools
  • System and automated assessment

Allow us to deploy our best-in-class training solutions to help pick the right candidate for the most anticipated position available. Our screening and training programs aim to recruit some of the best and most dynamic minds with the optimum mix of skills, communications and analytical mind.These solutions make some of the extensive use of conventional classroom training presentations or advanced operations like e-Learning to work more closely with your requirement.