Staffing Options
imgRecruitment and conducting surveys is one of the most hectic tasks for any organization. Not only the skills but also finding someone who can appropriately amalgamate with the team, requires lot of brainstorming sessions, time and effort. At Artifint Professional Employment Services, we provide complete assessment starting from advertisement, evaluating resumes, interview schedules, skills and analysis etc. Our services are perfect blend of quality and reliability to help you find the right guy for the task.

Artifint has a stringent pre-employment analytical procedure to test competency, leadership and management skills for an overall screening of the prospective candidate. This not only helps us in recommending top slots for further discussion but also identifies some of the best fits for the position. This in turn assists the organization to locate the optimum for their need, based on our recommendation, screening scores and your requisite.

How we achieve such a strategy?
Our customer representatives are available round the clock for your technical assistance. They are experts in handling discussions, pre-screening questionnaires and any issue pertaining to pre-screening mode.

Our executives are capable of handling large chunk of requests, queries and problems and identify the root cause prior to the assistance. Most often these queries, if technical, are redirected to our expertise panel for further discussions.

Our collaborative partners earns mode of saving cost of employment, fee for off-shore recruitment and campus placements. We deliver optimized and versatile strategies to reduce or eliminate cost related placement advertisements and campaigns, reduces time for application review and selection procedures, make staffing procedure quick for contractual associations.

We provide assistance in the following areas;
In order to perfectly match the requirement for an administrative post, it is imperative for the candidate to have the right skills to pursue the job. At Artifint we assist in finding the right candidate for the post. Our rigorous interview sessions, careful analysis of qualities, assessment/screening and reference evaluation ensure improved addition and versatility in the team.
Our screening and selection procedure includes the assessment of the following;

  • Computer skills
  • Basic typing and speed
  • MS Office
  • Data entry
  • Technical skills
  • Foreign language
  • Business reporting

Professional & Contract Staffing
Artifint can help you find the potential candidate either for a temporary or commercial position. With vast knowledge of the market and the current field, we are obstinate to find the potential qualified and prompt candidates. This service ensures to keep you focused on your own den while we find the best fit for position. Our screening and recruitment services include, but are not restricted to;

  • Management Sciences
  • Sales
  • Information technology
  • Accounting
  • Business administration
  • Marketing
  • Law & legal sciences
  • Engineering sciences
  • Life sciences

Our Professional Employment Service also assists in temporary/contract staffing. Contrary to Full time staffing, contract employment provides more flexibility to the core employees while keeping the assigned project up-to-date. Moreover temporary employees proves to be more helpful to the core team in completion of the task quickly, increased output, less over time and reduced economic aspects with core employees.

 Commercial Staffing
Artifint constantly delivers cutting edge staffing solutions for commercial organizations and enterprises. We test the efficiency of the prospective candidate on the basis of their scheduled performances, time to deliver the assigned task and delivery efficiency. Each candidate is screened through a rigorous interview selection procedure and reference check.Prior to featuring the staffing opportunity, every candidate is supposed to meet the set standards before the selection procedure. Few of the many, who meet these criteria are asked to appear for the next round. This rigorous selection procedure assures that the standards of commercial organizations are preserved and organizations employ only those that they deserve.

We recruit candidates for sectors like:

  • Workplace monitoring
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial integrity
  • Logistics
  • Electronics
  • Receptions
  • Data Integration
  • System Analysts
  • Manual automation
  • Flexible staffing

To keep the track of the current on-going projects or infrequent projects, flexible staffing provides a great deal of assistance. Besides a healthy addition to the core employees, it is also beneficial from financial and resource point of view.Whether you require workforce to manage your outsource projects or even peak workloads, we provide some of the most comprehensive screening and training solutions for finding the best fit for your organizations.For a more focused and flexible staffing procedures, our panel of experts have devised primary performer model (PPM) for identifying top-performers and achievers in any given organization. This helps in:

  • Selecting the candidate on the basis of the achievements and radical approach toward any given project
  • More outward approach in relocating the prospective candidate
  • Encourage candidates to perform even better for a better growth profile
  • Helps organization to achieve the level of placid business operation and capability

Evaluation Hire
Every candidate we screen remains on our database while you assess the potential worker before making the final addition to your team. This ensures that the candidate selected fits the requirement as per the company norms. Following benefits are:

  • Quality manpower
  • Reduced economic factor
  • Increased productivity
  • Client contentment

Direct Hire
Our Direct hire services provide you the best possible and the best fit candidate for the mainstream or core team. Our experts in the arena are well versed and have a vast recruitment experience. Our direct hire potential candidates are what will make up your core team.

On-site services
Our On-site service assists you in providing administrative support to manage a large workforce for any project. This on-site service delivers you the best, authentic and reliable operational command while allowing yourself to keep the median eye on the core work.