Small Business Resources
ap3Smooth functioning of any organization, case in particular small businesses, is a very typical and hectic task. Despite the proper recruitments and layout strategies etc., issues related to Small business workforce is inevitable. Every part of the team and organization play a critical role and a minor deviation from the basic and the conventional layout can prove detrimental and may incur fines, penalties and charges.

An optimized business strategy should focus on the generally accepted guidelines in the content form. There are many prime factors that govern the functioning of any business establishment. Although quite a few can be ignored, some of them tend to be an integral part of the machine. While organizations should lay emphasis on each one of them, a secure yet a resilient approach as a whole would suffice.

We focus on providing an intuitive solution so as to make your business flourish in due course of time. We are adamant to keep the tactics operational by focusing on both the perspectives – operation and development. Our optimized solutions are automated; thereby assisting in easy integration with your functional module for an overall and well documented optimization.

At Artifint, we have focus on the following business plans so as to give the business resource the treatment is deserves.

  • Conceptualization and virtualization forms the key to any business plan. Before you execute, you should realize the potential market, efficiency of the working team and management of the latter
  • Efficient marketplace to describe your business objectives, analysis and assessment of the potential clients
  • Financial section deals in the keeping a track on the cash flow, resources utilized in recruitment, marketing and other operations

Collaborating with us will provide you with benefits and proactive approach from our expert HR professionals. Their experience in HR practices and approach will guide you to choose the best for our small organization.
Our HR Management Services
Operational Efficiency
Before laying out any management plan or assistance ship, our panel of experts assess and analyze the scenario, available resources and the future outlook of the company before making any apparent change. Our professionals will guide you at each step so as to ensure, you make the best choose.However, this current era of technology propels organization toward alternatives for internal management and business solutions. Companies tend to spend more resources on the effective planning and management of these solutions. As a result, the services are turned out costly and time consuming.Our intelligent SaaS model helps you in managing payroll, HR management and efficiency in a more consistent and cost-friendly manner.

HR tools and management solutions
We have the most comprehensive and smart hiring tools that enable us to better handle the need and requisites for your small business resources. From hiring to retire, we provide complete resource solution. Our smart and proactive approach for employee training and tracking solution, better maintaining the resource database, digital computation of the employee information, employee benefit and regulations layout, training and guidance cell and HR administrative services are among the services we provide at Artifint.

 Recruitment and talent management
For startup companies and small business establishments, it is very strenuous to keep the recruitment procedures efficient and quick. Thus we come in handy by providing unique tools and strategies to keep the recruitments efficient and of worth. We also assist in finding the right fit by posting jobs in social media and network feeds to gain more quality workforce for screening.Our hiring professional can assist you in screening the candidate, his background check, managing paper work and other official documents, managing employee and employer reviews etc.

Artifint Advantage
At Artifint, we provide some of the most resilient strategies to address your queries related to talent and organizational management.

  • Efficiently executing organizational strategies and business operations
  • Finding the right experience and skills needed for the strategy
  • Improved cost of turnover and better outsourcing planning
  • Engaging rewarding talent in pivotal roles for an efficient team management
  • Mobility programs for finding the ‘best-fit’