Government Staffing
ufegFor any government organization, it is imperative that the challenges they face must be addressed rationally for them to flourish under stringent conditions. Typically for government organizations, hurdles like financial constraints, lack of personnel for business optimization and brief timeframe inhibits the natural process to deal with the issues pertaining to national defense, operational assistance and current workforce.Our solutions are GSA approved, thereby allowing us to effectively implement and contract government sectors and agencies, contractors, private as well public corporates for recruitment.

In order to justify the aforementioned issues, we have devised a rapid, sophisticated and reliable methodology to address these inevitable challenges. Our services, in this matter, regards to the provision of better suited workforce, time management for climacteric tasks, contingency operations and core team for specified projects. All these operations are exhaustive in its approach while making the best use of the existing resources and predicting the future operations more distinctly.

Some of the key features of our services include:

  • Covering majority of the federal governments, primary business contractors and agencies
  • Offering full time consultation solutions, backed by years of experience in the sector of government recruitment
  • Diverse workforce solutions for both private as well as public sectors
  • Optimized government staffing strategy with integrated networking of enterprise and federal business
  • Maintaining better workforce output with technical guidance, placement expertise, comprehensive training and resource solutions
  • Marked enhancement in the overall development and productivity with our versatile monitoring model

For local benefits and manpower requirement, we have personalized hiring strategies to present the better fit for the assigned job and consequently to assist the local needs as intended.Artifint government staffing solution is the sole specialty service that keeps the track of the company’s specific requirement. By providing the government organizations, the best suited officials for any specific requirement, we are adamant in responding quickly to the market calls without compromising the requisites of the clients.
Our mutual communion has the following benefits:

  • Specific expertise: This includes our complex and diversified contacts and associations for confederate contracts
  • Subtle and Pliable approach: This concerns the need of the government positions and the ability to recruit personnel for security, development and administrative posts
  • Expert Strategy: To gain multiple leads on the project by offering monitory and supervision for managing the workforce and the project undertaken

Our services also extend to provide solutions beyond recruitments for various projects. From work assistance, project implementation and direct staffing services, Artifint’s Government Services has dedicated expert panel for each of the aforementioned services. These teams are determined to deliver the professionals and the output as per the organization demands. Our field of operations is wide and includes Command operations, project simulation, security operations, communications and mass transfer, inter-personal management and information affirmation.Artifint’s government staffing experts are well equipped with the deep industry knowledge, atrocities of the consultation in this demanding market and the requisites of the organization to meet ends. Our services essentially and especially focus on contract and proposal management, recruitment solutions – long-term as well as short-term and resource monitoring.Prior to the recruitment, our experts ensure extensive pre-screening together with testing and review for an optimized and transparent recruitment procedure.

Our Support
Artifint extends its support to different local as well national federal and government agencies. Some of the features and the agencies we cover include:
State Government: Operate by providing cost-effective solutions to enhance their excelling features, mode of operations and campaigns
Federal Government: Our Federal staffing solutions is one of the most admired and sound service, typically makes it ideal for federal agencies, plans and staffing execution
Government and Private Utilities: Our years of experience and close communion with agencies and industries have enabled us to maintain one of the dynamic and resilient client and prospective database. Utilize our extensive database to meet all your professional, administrative or HR staffing needs
Academic Institutions: Our highly intelligent networking feature aims to ensure some of the most sought-after personnel from our inside contacts and professional meetings

We ensure timely delivery of the operation result and cost-effective strategies to meet the staffing requisites of various organizations and industries. Our probative screening approach tends to identify the ‘best-fit’ from the diverse range of candidate expertise.We follow stringent selection process, considering the organizational internal norms and conditions and also the selection criteria in mind, so as to recruit the best match for all your professional needs.