Employee Selection Process
espimaAddition of any candidate to an organization is a hectic task that requires great deal of effort, time and brainstorming sessions. However at times things seems pretty fine while evaluating someone only later to find that the person misled you about something or other. In such cases it is demoralizing for any company or establishment to seek employees for the trusted core work. However Artifint’s Employee Selection Procedure ensures to provide the best fit, reliable and skilled addition. Our expert and high-end screening procedure is foolproof. This methodology is opted to provide our entrusted clients with the best guy for the right job.

Artifint’s staffing solutions are centered on the prospects of recruiting whilst managing the costs. These solutions are designed, keeping in mind the delicate nature of the requirement for skilled labor, without comprehensive labor management solutions.
Our staffing solutions are focused on the following goals:

  • Industry-specific approach for recruitment
  • Recommendations based on transparent and extensive pre-screening process
  • Versatile and robust final selection procedure: written, oral and interview

We specialize in technical as well as professional recruitment services. Recently, we have launched our integrated IT staffing solutions for all your administrative and professional needs.Our Specific Screening System makes sure that each candidate has gone through each of the steps before the final interview round. This screening procedure removes any element of doubt and candidate misleading the prospective employer.Moreover each candidate is also screened in a stringent environment for testing his abilities, qualities and skills mandatory for the position. After passing each stage satisfactorily, only then the candidates are subjected for the next round that includes interview, reference check and previous employment verification.

Our step by step evaluation and screening consists of the following rounds:
Job advertisement and resume evaluation
This is the most initial screening round where maximum crowd is rejected and only the most suited according to the profiles are being selected for the next round.

Skills and abilities evaluation
Before conducting the candidate interview, it is imperative to test and assess the skills and qualities for the prospective employee as the position demands. This includes basic technical tests, Office skills, inter-personal skills etc.

Interview session
After the successful completion of the first two rounds, the selected candidates move to the interview session where the candidate is evaluated based on the profile, demeanor and outlook towards the position.

Employment verification and reference checks
Once the interview is over, the prospective employee’s previous employment is verified by our expert panel with a vast recruitment expertise. Verification includes job profile, package, organization profile, location etc.

Final listing
It includes the list of the successful employees who has made to the organization while justifying each round along the course.For your entire professional staffing requirement, Artifint provides contract as well as full-time recruitment solutions. Our rapid, on-site and robust screening ensure you save the valuable time and resources and let us take the lead in recommending you some of the best minds for your project. We benefit our customers with:

  • Increased conversion ratio
  • Decreased costs related to Human resources, Staffing management and on-floor compliance
  • Optimized layouts

Artifint Benefits
Artifint, with advanced logistics and automated tools, deploys cutting-edge technology to predict the staffing selection as robust and comprehensive. Our advanced logarithms and psychoanalytical tools, together with automated evaluation systems effectively analyze and interpret the results obtained from our aforementioned selection procedures. The data obtained as a result of the above criteria is tailored to produce the most productive and easy-to-access results to foster the staffing procedures. Our services enable the client to objective decision pertaining to client’s performance rather than based on subjective or personal analysis. This, not only is effective for the long-term employee investment, but is also quite objective for the overall performance of the organization and the business.We are adamant to enhance prosperity, increase productivity and promote profitability with our advanced employee selection procedures.We are always looking for the candidates with in-built characteristics

  • Striving to change
  • Innovative mindset
  • Optimal and objective thinking and judgment capabilities
  • Convincing skills and influential
  • Ability to mentor
  • Risk taking and are decisive

Once chosen, our stringent selection criteria ensure the prospective candidate to be able to promote these characteristics and our experts are already ready to polish these skills so as to make them industry-ready.