IT services financing
bankIn order to flourish in this fast-paced business precinct, implementing novel IT solutions integrated with latest technical aspects is more than just the requirement for any organization. However, factors like productivity optimization, challenging opportunities etc. doesn’t matter as long as the integration of business and technology is concerned as these demand high capital investment.

Artifint’s IT financing service offers optimally developed, simple and reliable leasing and financing of the IT solutions. These services cover hardware as well as the software and the associated technical support. Our extensive IT financing assists you in managing your current operations, optimizing your affordability and replacing your old IT hardware.

IT operations, which form the major portion of any productivity, planning or management, can become expensive unless it is optimized, updated and well documented. From initial planning to getting rid of old computer, we provide proper and transparent guidance as to how to minimize the cost, gaining hassle-free production while maximizing returns on the investments.

Our IT financing services provides the following solutions to keep you at pace with the trends, production demands and management.

  • IT operations lease
  • IT investment and returns
  • Unified software and upgradation
  • Hardware lease
  • Technical support for hardware and software

At Artifint, we understand the nature of the IT operations, financing needs and best returns in these investments. Our services ensure you get the best of the technical support in IT operations and financing. Some of the benefits are summarized as under:

  • Assistance in planning your operations — Optimization of central data, application of any novel business strategy, PC installation while replacing the older ones
  • Financing your software, hardware and services in a more definitive manner so as to renew your IT infrastructure
  • Keeping a track of your entire IT lease, data processes and sharing. This will allow you to keep pace with the upgrade requirement and various lease transfers
  • Disposition of the old, outdated and retired hardware so as to avoid the risk of data loss in a more convenient, error-free and environment-friendly manner.

Finance represents the economic factor of an enterprise. With the recent boom in digital industry, organizations wants to keep the customers and clients align with the new market demands. Artifint helps you in achieving this goal for diverse domains from Business consulting to IT infrastructure servicesOur services and solutions are inherited with the cutting edge technology in order to provide end to end user experience and satisfaction to the customers and clients. Adapting Artifint services in the enterprise helps you in improvising on financial aspects of the industry.

Why Artifint services!

  • Standard global delivery of various process from a single system
  • More applications embedded with standard policies and procedures
  • Minimized overhead with high operational transparency
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance and guidelines
  • Improvised business continuity and business intelligence